Vaccination of goat

It is very iomportant for rearing goat. There are many diseases which can affect our goats.We face all the times a threaten during goat rearing. PPR is the most important disease of goat. In every year most of the goats especially kids are died for PPR. It is a highly contagious disease of goat and spread rapidly to communities. For goat we can only offer PPR vaccine and goat pox vaccine in our country.
PPR-First vaccinate at the age of 2-4 months then repeated at every one years.

লেখকঃ Dr. Sakhawat Hossain

Poultry,Dairy & Pet animal consultant, Ex. Poultry Consultant, Kazi Farms Limited, VS, 33rd BCS

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পিপিআর (PPR) রোগের সমন্বিত চিকিৎসা পদ্ধতি-A miracle of treatment of PPR

পিপিআর ছাগল ও ভেড়ার একটি মারাত্মক রোগ। এ রোগে পশু মৃত্যুর হার ৫০-৯০ শতাংশ । …

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