Physiological data of pigeon

This data will be helpful for both veterinarian, veterinary students and also for pigeon. This is as follows:

(1) Water consumption-30-60 ml
(2) Feed consumption-20-100 gm (one tenth of the body weight.
(3) Body weight-250-1000 gm (light, medium & heavy breeds)
(4) Incubation period-17-18 days.
(5) Blood volume-Approx. 8 ml/100 gm body weight.
(6) Body temperature- 41.6 (106.6 degree celcious)
(7) Heart beat-140-400 beats per minute

লেখকঃ Dr. Sakhawat Hossain

Poultry,Dairy & Pet animal consultant, Ex. Poultry Consultant, Kazi Farms Limited, VS, 33rd BCS

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