Beef fatening

UMS is the main policy of the beef fatening. Lower cost for feeding is the main key of beef fatening. It is an effective formula for beef fatening. It can be fed to a calf after one year. Beef fatening ox can be fed enough up to its eating capacity.After making it can fed upto 3 days but good enough for one day. This urea feeding to ox has no harmful effect to human health. The formula is as-
1. Straw (cutting upto 2-3 inchs)-10 kg
2. Fresh Water-5-6 lit
3. Molases-2.5-3 kg
4. Urea-300 gm
N.B. Ratio never can be changed.

লেখকঃ Dr. Sakhawat Hossain

Poultry,Dairy & Pet animal consultant, Ex. Poultry Consultant, Kazi Farms Limited, VS, 33rd BCS

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