General characteristics of Disinfectants

ALCOHOLS (Isopropyl or Ethyl Alcohol)

  1. Wide germicidal activity, non corrosive, but poses a fire hazard.
  2. Limited residual activity due to evaporation.
  3. Alcohols provide limited activity in the presence of organic matter.
  4. Not considered effective against bacterial or fungal spores.
  5. Excellent for disinfecting instruments or other small objects.
  6. Too expensive for general use in the hatchery.
  7. Must use as a 70-95% concentration for effectiveness

HALOGENS (Iodines or hypochlorites)

  1. Provide wide germicidal activity but are corrosive.
  2. Limited activity when in the presence of organic matter.
  3. Poor residual activity, low toxicity, but may stain surfaces.
  4. Not effective as sporocidal agents.
  5. Effective at low concentrations for disinfecting clean, small objects.
  6. Low cost but requires frequent applications.


  1. Limited germicidal range.
  2. Not sporocidal, effective against vegetative bacteria, fungi and viruses.
  3. Reduced efficiency in the presence of organic matter.
  4. Limited effectiveness in soaps, detergents and hard water salts.
  5. Non-irritating, non-corrosive and low toxicity.
  6. Residual activity is limited by the amount of recontamination.
  7. Good disinfectant for use on cleaned surfaces.
  8. Low cost.

PHENOLICS (Single or Multiple)

  1. Wide germicidal range, not sporocidal.
  2. Low toxicity and low corrosiveness.
  3. Very effective in the presence of organic matter.
  4. Good residual activity and deodorizer.
  5. Low to moderate cost.

COAL TAR DISTILLATES ( Cresol and Cresylic Acid)

  1. Wide germicidal activity, not sporocidal.
  2. Corrosive and toxic at high concentrations.
  3. Excellent residual activity with heavy odor.
  4. Highly efficient in presence of organic matter.
  5. Not well suited for use near eggs or chicks due to noxious gases.
  6. Moderately expensive.

ALDEHYDES (Glutaraldehyde)

  1. Wide germicidal activity, sporocidal and fungicidal.
  2. Slight to moderate efficiency in presence of organic matter.
  3. Slight residual activity.
  4. Moderately toxic.
  5. Moderate cost.

OXIDIZING AGENTS (Hydrogen peroxide, Potassium Permanganate)

  1. Moderate to wide germicidal activity, not sporocidal.
  2. Rendered ineffective in the presence of organic matter.
  3. Moderately corrosive, limited toxicity.
  4. Poor to limited residual activity.
  5. More valuable as a cleansing and deodorizing agent.
  6. Moderate cost.

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